Pacific Rim Sculptors

About Us

Pacific Rim Sculptors is a membership-based organization which was created in 1988 by a small group of California Bay Area sculptors. Since that time the organization has grown and is in a period of dynamic revival. We are a Chapter of the International Sculpture Center (, and a registered nonprofit organization.

Our mission is to promote visual arts appreciation and skills by:

  • Providing collective opportunities and resources to our members and our communities.
  • Fostering the development of young artists, particularly in underserved locales.
  • Advancing artistic excellence, appreciation, and professionalism through educational events.


Benefits of Membership:

Pacific Rim Sculptor members can easily meet other sculptors, enter group shows with free or reduced entry fees, participate in visits to sculpture and fabrication sites and other continuing education events, and participate in general membership meetings. Members enjoy a monthly newsletter, a Facebook page, LinkedIn discussion group, and the ability to post events and discussions on our members-only email list.  Members have photographs of work in our online Member Gallery with links to our individual websites. In addition, as joint members of the International Sculpture Center, our sculptors receive the many national and international benefits of ISC membership.  

Board of Directors:


Charles H. Stinson, President

Ruth Tabancay, Vice President

Leitha Thrall, Secretary

Carmen Almlie-Martinez, Treasurer

Barry Beach

Eileen Fitz-Faulkner

Oleg Lobykin

Elsy Tobar



Kristin Lindseth  Sculpure by Kristin Lindseth, Member